How This Genius Made $252,000/Year Selling His Custom Jewelry

How This Genius Made $252,000/Year Selling His Custom Jewelry

Always dreamed of starting your own business? It’s easy to find an excuse why NOW is not “the time”. Maybe you have debts, a huge pile of unpaid bills, that boring “stable” job or even a family to support. I get it. But “every cloud has a silver lining”! Need an example? Take Gavin Escolar, a charismatic man who’s changing the rules of the entrepreneurship game. Or should I say… Uberpreneurship?



When I stumbled upon his story at Forbes, I couldn’t believe how genius it was. It’s one of those “why I haven’t thought of this before?!” business ideas. In short, Gavin, our new entrepreneurship hero, drives around San Francisco and gets two salaries at once!


How? On an interview with Forbes (which happened in Gavin’s car, while he was picking up passengers) he explained how he earns $252,000 a year using his Uber services to promote his jewelry business.

A Genius Business Idea


It all started when Gavin emigrated from the Philippines hoping to start a jewelry company in San Francisco. Unfortunately, the “American dream” turned out to be way more complicated than it seems. Like many, he struggled to make ends meet and chose Uber as an easy way out.


“My passengers surprised me,” he said. “I thought they would be silent or on the phone. But most people wanted to talk. When I mentioned my jewelry, they asked for business cards, but I didn’t have any.”

So, Gavin spotted a business opportunity he couldn’t pass up. Without further ado, he stocked up with business cards and turned his car into a showroom. He positioned jewelry everywhere and stored more in the glove compartment just in case.


“We’re cruising down Valencia Street when I notice diamond earrings dangling on the dashboard. Around his writs, an emerald bracelet gleams through the sunlight. In the seat pockets, glossy catalogs display more jewelry. The cover reads: Gavin Escolar’s 2014 Collection,” Forbes described the scenery in detail.



“It’s a Salesman’s Dream”


Do passengers find him annoying? Not at all. You could check out his ratings and see for yourself! Gavin is very respectful and never solicits. “My passengers peel back the onion,” he says. “I only keep subtle hints to spark conversation if they notice. If they don’t, they probably wouldn’t be my target customer anyway.”


It truly sounds like a salesman’s dream. Those who go door-to-door are usually pushing us to talk, even if we’re not interested or busy. Gavin’s customers are usually just killing time, getting from point A to B. So, they see this more as entertainment rather than an intrusion.


“My way, I get quality time with quality leads. Best of all, I’m being paid as I do it. It’s like Uber is providing a base salary before I make any jewelry sales.”

How about Uber? Are they okay with this side gig? “Absolutely,” Uber spokeswoman, Kristin Carvel says. “One of the greatest things about the Uber platform is that it offers economic opportunity for a variety of drivers – full-time, part-time, veterans, teachers, artists, and students – in more than 260 cities around the world. Supporting and fueling the local economy is important to Uber and our driver partners help us achieve this goal.”



Interested in Uberpreneurship?


Think about it, you’d get the salary of a stable job, plus, a ton of chances to meet important people and expand the business you’re doing on the side!


Let’s talk numbers. By selling his jewelry, Gavin earns the average of $18,000 in transactions per month. Now add a monthly pay from Uber and you’ve got yourself some impressive yearly earnings!

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It’s a fun, flexible job and you can double the cash by switching between apps. For example, Gavin is using Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar! Many drivers do that because Uber requirements are almost the same as Lyft’s.


So, if you’re planning to start a side business or simply make some much-needed cash, click here to apply!



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