The Ultimate Side-Gig for Dog Lovers: Earn $30/Hourly as a Dog Walker

The Ultimate Side-Gig for Dog Lovers: Earn $30/Hourly as a Dog Walker

Every time I see a pup I can be heard screaming, “OMG! Look at that cute dog!” I’ve even been known to completely ignore somebody who is talking to me, as my complete attention is stolen by a super fluffy pupper. If you have an obsession with doggos, just like me, here’s a side-gig you need to start!  

Join Rover – The Largest Network of Dog Walkers


If you’d jump at the chance to get paid for walking dogs, you need to sign-up for Rover. It’s kind of like Uber for dog-walking. You can accept requests in your area and walk dogs that need your love attention ASAP – or accept a walk for later in the day.


It’s super flexible, and if you get along with the dog’s owners you can find repeat clients quickly. Cha-Ching.

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How Much Can You Earn?


With Rover, you earn $15 for every 30-minute walk, plus $3 for each additional dog taking the same walk. So, if you take 4 dogs on a half an hour walk, you will make $24 for just getting to hang out with dogs. If you’re asking me, I’d say that’s a dream job.


As well as becoming a walker, you can offer up your home for doggy boarding, or even become a sitter for your clients when they go out of town.


Some awesome perks? You get to set your own rates for these extra services, and all money you earn will hit your account in 48 hours or less!


The small print? You keep 80% of your earnings, while Rover keeps the rest.

How to Become a Dog Walker


There are already more than 140,000 walkers and sitters scoring work through Rover, in 11,000 U.S cities.


Whether you want to become a full-time dog walker or walk a few dogs on the side, Rover is totally flexible. You can change up your availability to match your schedule or take a break whenever you want.

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There’s no need to be a professional dog walker, but you will need to meet the following requirements:


  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have the latest Rover app for iOS or Android
  • Pass a background check
  • Be available to work on weekdays


You can check out Rover’s website here, to get signed up. You’ll create a profile, which the Rover team will review. Once you get approval, you’ll take an orientation and a few online lessons.


After that, you start accepting clients through the app and getting paid for hanging out with man’s best friend!



Thinking of joining Rover?

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