Want to Retire Rich? Here Are 4 Ways to Boost Your Savings

Want to Retire Rich? Here Are 4 Ways to Boost Your Savings

Retirement savings looking a bit sad? I can help you with that. For many, just the thought of retirement seems a bit much. But why would you shy away? It’s your future we’re talking about. And more than anything else, these small easy steps can boost your savings shockingly. So, let’s get started with these 4 tested methods.



1. Get Richer on Your Spare Change


Don’t have a clue about the investment world? If that’s the case, start with micro-investing. It’s really easy and fun.


Just sign up with one of our favorite robo-investing apps and grow your funds with zero effort.


With Clink, you’ll be saving money every time you’re dining out. So, link your credit card and set a fixed percentage of your expense for Clink to allocate to your savings and invest in your chosen ETF portfolio.


For example, 10% of the total spent at the restaurant. Too much? You can do as little as one dollar a day!



2. Earn Up to $350 For Switching Your Bank Account


Need a reason to take out a new bank account? How about a generous bonus? By choosing accounts we’ve discussed in this article, you can get as much as $350 just for making the switch.


Collect your free money and invest it!



3. Get the Most out of Your 401(k)


Got a 401(k)? Good for you. Now, you just need Blooom – an online tool that will help you to manage your 401(k) in a simple, affordable way.


Just enter your information: name, age, and when you hope to retire. You’ll get a free 401(k) report, which will tell you what you can do to improve it. For example, it will tell you if you’re paying hidden fees and check if your mix of bonds and stocks is invest-appropriate for your age.


If you want Blooom to do the hard work for you, simply opt-in for $10 per month. The company’s professionals will reconfigure your 401(k), and keep an eye on it without you having to lift a finger.


For details, read this article and sign up!



4. Use This 12-Month Plan to Save $5,000


Dedicate at least one evening to your retirement savings. Trust me, your “future you” will be VERY glad that you did.


To help you out, we’ve also put together a 12-month plan that will add an extra $5,000 to your piggy bank this year.


Good luck!



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